Jul 12 2017

The Adult Child

From time to time clients will need child support for a child who is 19 years of age or older. Usually the amount of child support to be paid is fairly straight forward. You simply consult the Child Support Guidelines. The amount shown in the Guidelines will tell you the base amount of child support. For an adult child however the appropriate amount of child support can be more difficult to determine.

Depending on the circumstances, the ability of an adult child to support themselves may mean that the Guidelines do not apply. For example, if a child qualifies for student loans, or earns income during the summer months, there may be a reduction in the amount otherwise payable under the Guidelines.

Simply because a child is 19 years of age, or older, does not mean they have no entitlement to child support. The amount of child support for an adult child however, usually needs to be examined in greater detail than support for children under 19.

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