Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a criminal or provincial offense you need a lawyer.  McKimm & Lott lawyers have successfully defended clients on matters ranging from traffic violations to the most serious criminal charges.

Our lawyers regularly defend clients in the Victoria and Colwood Courthouses and attend the Ganges Courthouse on Salt Spring Island every time it sits.

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Impaired Driving

Operating a motor vehicle while impaired and/or while having a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.8 mg alc/ml blood is the most common charge faced by our clients. It is a criminal charge and carries with it an automatic minimum of a 1-year driving prohibition and a $600 fine (more for subsequent offenses) plus an additional provincial administrative driving prohibition.

It is important that you contact a lawyer immediately if you have been charged with impaired driving as you only have 7 days to appeal the automatic administrative driving prohibition. This prohibition lasts for 90 days and is independent of the criminal charge.

Being charged does not mean you will be convicted; breathalyzers can misinterpret blood alcohol levels, witnesses can be mistaken and you have certain rights on arrest that must be respected.  Too much may be riding on your continued ability to drive and/or on your need to avoid a criminal record not to get legal advice on all of your potential defenses.  Contact our lawyers to discuss your options.