The First Visit to Your Lawyer

April 18, 2007 – 4:44 pm

The first time you visit a lawyer with a family law problem don’t be surprised if they ask you about issues that to you, do not seem important. Much time is often spent, in that first interview, with each person talking about matters that, to the other, are not relevant.

For example, you may want to discuss your spouse’s conduct and behavior towards you. Such an issue, while extraordinarily important to you, often has little relevance to what the lawyer is trained to talk about, which are the legal issues. At the same time, the lawyer may ask you about your spouse’s pension, which can be a important legal issue but to you, at that point in time, is not of concern.

Before that first visit, try and consider why you are seeing the lawyer. Are you going to discuss how a relationship broke down or are you going to discuss the legal impact of such a break down. The distinction is important. On the one hand most lawyers are not trained as counselors and are not really going to be able to help with relationship issues. On the other hand lawyers are very well trained in the legal principles that apply when a family law problem arises.

Appreciating the distinction between the two can only help you with your first visit to your lawyer.

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