What Will it Cost?

April 30, 2007 – 8:55 am

For many people, the first time they meet a lawyer is when they are seeking help for a family law problem. Emotions can be running high and many of the initial discussions can center around unfamiliar or intensely personal issues. Sometimes, sensible discussions about costs and family finances, are lost in the turmoil.

When you meet with a lawyer, with questions about family law, you should make an effort to discuss what costs you can expect. If a relationship has broken down, particularly a long term one, there may be very significant financial issues to be decided. The amount of potential costs incurred may be small, compared to a result that provides you with financial security.

On the other hand, time can easily be wasted, and legal expenses incurred, over issues that have little to do with bringing matters to a conclusion. It is not easy, but discussing overall costs, planning a budget with those costs in mind, and deciding whether the benefits outweigh the costs, are matters that should be addressed as early as possible in your discussions with your lawyer.

Your relationship with your lawyer, even in the most emotional of family law cases, is always, to a degree, a business one. It is helpful to discuss and settle the terms of that business relationship, at the start.

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