Damon O’Brien

Damon is a general practitioner  with a broad range of experience.  He focuses primarily on real estate conveyance and advising small businesses , but also appears in criminal and family Court, and drafts wills and separation agreements.  He graduated from the University of British Columbia Law School in 2003, and was called to the Bar in Alberta in 2004 and British Columbia in 2006. 

Damon takes great pride in being able to assist and advise his clients in all their legal needs. Whether purchasing a house, incorporating a business or drafting a will or other documents Damon is pleased to assist.  He can walk clients through the Court process when good will and frank discussion have run their course, and help clients separate from one another with as little ill-will and disruption to their families as possible.   He also reviews all manner of contracts and agreements.  He prefers never to see the law prevail at the expense of common sense.  He tries to solve clients’ problems quickly and effectively, with as little cost as the circumstances will bear. 

He lives in Saanichton with his wife and two young children, and, when safely out of earshot, enjoys playing the guitar.