The Angry Spouse

August 2, 2007 – 3:08 pm

Unfortunately family law can and often does involve emotions. One of those emotions can be anger. At times one, or both, of the parties involved in family law proceedings may be highly emotional. They may be very angry.

It is important to recognize this fact. The lawyer and their client need to deal with it. Many lawyers can and will recommend counseling, or other assistance for their client. Sometimes however the angry party may not be that lawyer’s client.

In such a case, because of the anger, settlement, through mediation, or otherwise, may be very difficult or impossible. Such a situation needs to be recognized and discussed. Not every party to a family law proceeding is reasonable.

You may be involved in such a situation, and yet want to move on with your life. Talk with your lawyer about what has developed but in such circumstances the best option may simply be to proceed to Court. No matter how many fair settlement proposals are made, if one person is angry and unreasonable, it may be impossible to settle.

Going to Court, in such circumstances, is not a failure to communicate. Instead, it is a recognition that a reasonable, fair settlement, cannot be obtained through negotiation. The time may have come to move forward in the only way possible, through a Court Order.

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