Personal Injury

Being seriously hurt in an incident can drastically alter your life.  You may be disabled, unable to earn a living, and dealing with the physical and psychological after-effects of the accident for years or possibly even the rest of your life.

If someone else is at fault, we can help negotiate a settlement or commence a lawsuit.  We have successfully litigated and negotiated settlements for clients in numerous personal injury claims.

We have offices on both Salt Spring Island and in Sidney.  Contact us at the office most convenient for you.

What is a Contingency Agreement?

For some personal injury claims, we are willing to enter a contingency agreement with the client. A contingency agreement recognizes that a client may not be able to afford a lawyer on a regular retainer and allows the lawyer to take a percentage of any settlement or judgment obtained for the client.

If the lawyer is unsuccessful then the client is only responsible for out of pocket costs called disbursements and possible court ordered costs if the opposing side was successful at trial.

Lawyers in BC can charge a maximum of 33 1/3 % of a settlement or judgment obtained in for a personal injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident and up to 40% for any other personal injury claim.

Contact us for a more in-depth explanation of our contingency agreements and whether this type of arrangement is suitable for you.